The 31st China (Guangzhou) International Health Industry Expo /2021 Health China Brand and Culture Forum

Dec. 2-4, 2021

Poly World Trade Center, Guangzhou



Guangdong Modern Health Industry Research Institute

Guangdong Nutrition and Health Industry Association

Wise Exhibition (Guangdong) Co., Ltd.


Exhibition Profile


Founded in 2002, China (Guangzhou) International Health Industry Expo (hereinafter referred to as the H-expo) is the international professional exhibition in the field of health industry approved by the National Health Commission of the People's Republic of China and the Ministry of Commerce. Adhering to the tenet of

"exhibition,cooperation and exchange, wisdom and sincerity, and win-win transaction", it has developed into an authoritative professional platform for health industry.


The 31 H-expo is hosted by Guangdong Modern Health Industry Research Institute and Guangdong Nutrition and Health Industry Association, and organized by Wise Exhibition (Guangdong) Co., Ltd. It will be held in Guangzhou Poly World Trade Expo Center on December 2 to 4, 2021. Now we sincerely invite government delegation, colleagues of the health industry, enterprises and visitors to participate the exhibition.


Based on the accumulation of the past 30 exhibitions, with complete exhibition themes, high-end cooperation structure and extensive industry influence, H-expo will fully display the new products, new technologies and new trends of the industry, build a platform for the coordinated development of the whole industry chain for all parties, and shape the great future of the health industry.


Exhibition Data

Total Exhibition Area:80000



Concurrent Forums:30+


Exhibition Area Plan

1、Health Brand Enterprise Exhibition AreaWell-known domestic brands and listed companies in the field of health.

2、Government Groups and Health Parks Exhibition AreaGovernment groups and health parks exhibition area, Health Culture Tourism Service Industry, Promotion and docking projects of rural revitalization.

3、International Exhibition AreaOverseas exhibitors groups, biomedicine, health food, health equipment from all over the world.

4、Life Science and Technology Exhibition AreaBiological life technology, gene detection, medical detection system, biopharmaceutical, hydrogen health

technology, etc.

5Public Health and Medical Health Exhibition AreaPr o t e c t i v e c l o t h i n g , g o g g l e s , i n fr a r e d thermometer, disinfectant, medical equipment,

medical health care, etc.

6Smart Wear and Smart Health ProductsSmart wearable products, smart health devices, smart tableware, smart home system, security monitoring

system, etc.

7Health Products Exhibition AreaHealthy wearable products, healthy sleep medical products, healthy breathing products, eye care products, eye care equipment and instruments, beauty and anti-aging equipment and other health and health care products and equipment.

8Chinese Medicine and Health Preservation Exhibition AreaGenuine medicinal materials, Chinese herbal pieces, Artemisia argyi products, Chinese herbal health products, Chinese herbal tonics, health equipment, nutritional medicated diet and diet therapy, traditional Chinese medicine hospitals / libraries, acupuncture treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, nutritionist

training institutions, Chinese medicine talent training schools, native medicinal materials planting and production and processing bases, health physiotherapy

services and technology franchise chain, health chronic disease management, etc.

9Green and Healthy Food Exhibition areaMedicinal and food homologous products, functional food, organic ecological agricultural products, nutrition and health products, nutritional catering, vegetarian products, cross-border e-commerce imported food, live- streaming commerce platform, nutrition and

health raw materials, etc.

10Elderly Care Services and Auxiliary Supplies Exhibition AreaAids for the aged, daily necessities for the aged, nursing aids and supplies, rehabilitation equipment and treatment, pension intelligent, pension institutions and management consulting companies, rehabilitation medical institutions, life care products and technologies.



Health China Brand Culture Forum and Parallel Forum

The Health China Brand Culture Forum, jointly sponsored by the People's Daily health client and the Health Times, is one of the influential, high-quality and

authoritative conferences in the health industry. 2021 Health China Brand Culture

Forum will be held with The 31 H-expo at the same time, including a series of forum summits, special promotion meetings, purchaser conferences and other cultural activities. Eight sub-forums will be held to discuss "Health China" in different

application fields and levels, which will provide a publicity stage for enterprises with organizational ability.


Eight Parallel Forums

1、Global Health Industry Development Trend & Chinese andForeign Academician Science and Technology Innovation Forum

2、Global Biomedical Precision Medical Innovation Forum

3、Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Greater Health Industry Cooperation and Development Summit

4、The "Belt and Road" National Health Industry Cooperation and Exchange Conference

5、Global Forum on the Potential Development of Formulas for Special Medical Purposes

6、Global Health Industry Investment and Financing and Project Roadshow Matchmaking Meeting

7、Global health New Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Forum

8、China Health Industrial Park Innovation and Development Forum and Health Industry 4.0 Construction Seminar


2021 Health Industry Oscar Selection and Award Ceremony


The 2021 Health Industry "Oscar" annual list is based on media standpoint, social responsibility and health promotion. Policy experts, research institutes, professional associations and other experts and scholars in related fields are invited to form the 2021 Health China Brand Culture Forum list Advisory Committee.

Through the list collection, professional consultation, online voting, list confirmation, list release (December 3, 2021) and other five major links, it will authoritatively and objectively show the new breakthrough, new achievements and new image promoted by Health China. Leaders of relevant government departments, experts, guests and media will give awards to the prize-winning units. And the organizing committee will promote to the society and share the advanced management experience and methods, keep reforming and innovating, and create a new model, new method and new experience of quality management with more characteristics.

Great benefits by participating this exhibition


More than 100,000 visitors and purchasers will attend this exhibition. During the exhibition period, it will gather the channel parties, distributors, end sellers, end users, experience parties, investors, consultants and other institutions and people in the industry face to face for negotiation, which will directly verify the market response and competitiveness of products and enterprises, and solve all pain points in one step, on-site signing, on-site trading, achieve hot products on site, create myths on site and achieve miracles!


Exhibitors will be given priority to recommend corresponding channels, group

purchasing enterprises and terminal platforms by the staffs of the Health Industry Platform and the organizing committee of H-expo.

The exhibition has been given priority and preferential consulting services by the association and the research institute. Based on Guangzhou, the organizing committee of H-expo will organize industry enterprises to participate in national and global industry brand exhibitions, and establish national health field tour exhibition and quality exhibition. The participating enterprises of this year will automatically become the partners of the organizing committee, and get the priority and preferential rights of global and national series exhibitions and activities.


Exhibitors have priority to participate in the Health China Brand Culture Forum and its eight parallel sub-forums and the Selection of Health Oscar Award, which will be held at the same time of the exhibition.

They will have more opportunities to contact with industry experts and obtain

first-hand market information and authoritative and professional guidance. Exhibitors will be fully interviewed and paid attention by the industry media, and become the new players in the industry. Besides, they will also get more publicity opportunities in the official website of the exhibition, official micro, association platform to get more publicity opportunities. Offline and online simultaneous exhibition, the organizing

committee will use the online exhibition platform, 365 days a year to display exhibitors and products. The exhibitors will obtain full market opportunities and publicity



Exhibition Hall Introduction


Poly World Trade Center Hall is close to the exhibition hall of Guangzhou China Import and Export Fair, with an exhibition area of more than 90000 sqm. It is located in the core of Guangzhou Pazhou Convention and exhibition area. Not only Pazhou metro station but also taxis are directly connected to the pavilion registration hall. The transportation convenience is the best for all pavilions in Pazhou convention and exhibition area. With reasonable internal structure, complete and convenient conference and catering facilities, and rigorous and thoughtful security management, the pavilion is the preferred venue for business exhibitions.


Evaluation of Previous Exhibitors


H-expo helped our Rosaroxburghi Trat to be sold outside of the mountains, outside of Guizhou and known by the world, which promoted industrial development, revitalized the countryside and helped us overcome poverty.

—— Wang Jiaqiang, Deputy director of Guizhou Department of Industry and Information Technology


Take health as the pillar industry of Tongren to promote the high-quality economic and social development of Tongren.

 —— Chen Shaorong, Deputy Secretary of Tongren Municipal


Committee and Mayor H-expo is a great platform for Dongning to display. It makes

our products to be sold to all over the country, from regional to national market

 —— Liu Qingshuai, Member of the Standing Committee of Dongning Municipal Committee/Vice Mayor of Dongning Municipal Government


Rongchuang health has participated in the H-expo for four consecutive sessions. The exhibition of this year has the best effect, the most popular and the highest

quality. Through this exhibition, we witnessed the intensive cultivation of Rongchuang health and obtained rich fruits. Rongchuang Health Technology Group has reached intentional cooperation with more than 30 enterprises.

—— Feng Jiangtao, vice president of Rongchuang China Holdings and President of Rongchuang Health Technology Group


In this exhibition, the health cause of Wahaha Youjian was paid attention to and popular, which proved the strong strength of Wahaha Youjian and the huge market potential of health industry. Wahaha Youjian is the most popular in the audience,

and each customer can basically make a deal.

 —— Wang Zhenming, Operation General Manager of Wahaha Youjian


The H-expo is the best exhibition we have participated in.During this exhibition, we communicated and exchanged with visitors. We had a deep understanding of the moxibustion health market product characteristics and needs, improving the company's brand awareness and influence.

 —— Deng Huaqiang, chairman of Guo Yun Biological Technology Co., Ltd.


More than 100 enterprises and industry insiders have learned and discussed carbon quantum dot series products of Vital Health Holdings . The cutting-edge high-tech equipment and life wave products of Vital Health Holdings have also been highly praised by many guests, won the alliance and cooperation of many businesses, which attracted the attention and interview of media reporters

. —— Wan liangmin, Executive President of Heilongjiang

 Vital Health Holdings


Exhibition Fees and Supporting Services


Bare Ground:1,380CNY/sqm

Standard Booth: Three wallboards,13,800CNY/ 9sqm;Two wallboards,An extra 1000CNY /9sqm charged.

Luxurious Standard Booth:Threewallboards,16,800CNY/9sqm;Two wallboards,An extra 1000CNY /9sqmcharged.


Organizing Committee Contact


Miss.Ying: 13078804097 



Mr.Lu: 18218807534





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